Sunday, February 14, 2010

PW Cowboy Calzones

Cowboy Calzones

Dear Reader,

These were fun to make and pretty darn easy. They are scrumptious and filling. I had my granddaughter press the sides with a fork and she thought it was cool. This recipe calls for hamburger and mild Italian sausage, canned tomatoes with green chilies...cheese, cheese and cheese, and pizza dough. This is another recipe from the PW that I will make over and over again.

Just the name "Cowboy Calzones" sounds so masculine. My husband isn't a cowboy...he has ridden horses and shoveled manure with me and is VERY masculine...but I am a cowgirl at heart. ..not so masculine. I was raised on the back of a horse. I have worked cattle. I have shoveled manure. I have groomed my horse and loved on him so much until he finally just moved in and I had to give him his own bedroom... I have galloped my horse as fast as the wind, there is nothing in this world better than 'flying' on the back of a horse. The smell of horses wafts by my nose and I tingle. I don't have horses anymore and I miss the life. "Horses are a drug to me, my own personal brand of heroine." name that movie :) I don't do drugs, I do horse smell.

When I was growing up, I lived in a melting pot of a city. There were so many ethnic groups represented that I had experienced nearly every cuisine know to man by the time I was 18 years old. Greek, German, Italian, Soul Food, Filipino, Mexican, Indian...Thai...

I had friends from every group with which I frequented their homes. I ate their mother's food. I tried new things. I ate things I couldn't pronounce. I went to Italian gatherings, Greek Festivals, German Feasts, Mexican Fiestas, Filipino Parties, Backyard BBQ's, Indian Weddings...and I ate. I ate and ate. I love food. I had one friend whose mother was Italian and her father Filipino...parties included Spaghetti with a side of goat brains and flan for dessert. What a great memory. I loved her family.

The next town had an Italian restaurant that made the most delicious, mouth watering calzones. I always ordered one when we ate there. I don't live anywhere near where I grew up so I miss some of the restaurants there...and all of my friends.

I am really excited to try these cowboy calzones...I haven't ever had a good calzone recipe so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this one will be the ticket.


  1. What Italian/Filipino family are you referring too?

  2. Sooooooo . . . how were the calzones? Enquiring minds, and alla that! :D

  3. I need to review it...don't I? I have to catch up since i was sick I haven't but they were very good :) I used less cheese...

  4. Oh! I did review them at the beginning of the post...I will try to make separate reviews form now on.


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